Amy Crabtree – Cakes with Faces

I’m a graphic artist/designer and Cakes with Faces is my brand of cute and colourful t-shirts and gifts, all with my original designs, which I sell online and I started a YouTube channel to promote my business, making videos about Japan:

My videos had a great response, both on social media and when I have stalls at events like Hyper Japan – it’s amazing to meet people who’ve watched my videos!

I love Japanese culture and design, and so do lots of my customers and followers. My designs are inspired by the Japanese kawaii (cute) style, and I’ve also drawn a recipe comic book about how to make sushi.

I film vlogs when I travel to Japan on holiday, to share my experiences, tips and advice. I also make a YouTube series called All the Best Stuff is from Japan, about funny and unusual things from Japan – did you know Christmas dinner in Japan is KFC?  By making videos about subjects that my followers are also interested in, I can reach new audiences – and I also really enjoy it! While it started as a promotion for my brand, I now spend a lot of my free time editing videos and working on ideas.

I also make videos behind the scenes at events, to show the work that goes into running Cakes with Faces.

Before I started my channel I’d never made a video so I taught myself from scratch – you just have to go for it!