Anne Daybell – Essential Guide Magazines

Anne Daybell – Essential Guide Magazines

What is your business? 

Local advertising for businesses based in and around Warrington in printed magazines and online. Championing the cause for local businesses.

How does your business use digital? 

We post the magazines online & on social media platforms. We send weekly emails & mail shots via MailChimp and monthly newsletters o our readers and customer database (segmented). Use of social media to engage new and potential customers, and readers of EG mags.

What advice did you take away from the makeover and how will you implement it in the coming weeks and months?

Social media – better use of posts to engage and not overload our platforms, how to improve our reach to more people; improved ways to engage people; how to find more customers via social media.

Website – how to make better use of the existing website and suggested improvements for smooth running.

SEO – tracking, finding & writing good copy & keywords.

How will this advice benefit your business?

  Massively – it’s already made us more focussed and highlighted what we need to concentrate on. Will get us more leads and more of the right type of customer.

Where will you go for further digital help and advice?

We’ve already asked David Trott ( a couple of follow up questions and will continue to do so if we need more advice.

Any further comments:

We really enjoyed the day – found it very useful. We liked the fact it was on ‘my level’ rather than technical jargon, made it easier to understand. Thank you so much for this enlightening opportunity!