Case Study: Rich Brady, Recruit Packs

How does Recruit Packs use digital? 

I use digital in all aspects of our business.
We have ecommerce websites, we promote ourselves using social media, we’re employing a new inventory software that links to our websites and syncs to the accountancy software we use.

I’m switching us over to a digital office. It makes storing and searching for historical data very easy. So, every bit of paper is scanned, shredded and recycled. I was going to build a private website, for our team to access Standard Operating Procedure and Policy information, but I’ve just met with a HR firm that could provide that service within their package.

Digital makes us incredibly flexible and gives us the ability to compete with much bigger organizations. Team members can work remotely, when needed. Information can be shared easily and instantly, which allows us to maintain the personal touches that we pride ourselves on.

How does Recruit Packs use digital?

I try and keep on top of changes to the platforms we use. Reading press releases from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube ensure that we’re producing content that is inline with what they want.

I follow lots of industry experts on Twitter, read their blogs, watch TED talks and then just try things out.

What piece of advice would you give to other small businesses looking to do more with digital?

My one piece of advice to a small business about digital is unless something global disaster happens, digital is where everything is heading. Stop burying your hand in the sand and embrace it… Your customers are!

What inspires your digitally?

My digital inspiration comes from one of my personal goals… not being in the office 9.30-5, 5 days a week!

There is software and systems out there that would allow me and my team remotely.

Don’t get me wrong, the retail shop will need someone to open up and physically be there for customers. I will need people physically picking and packing orders, but there is a whole host of roles (as we grow) that people can do from home, in their pyjamas if they want to!