Cora Flower – Cora Hair 

Cora Flower – Cora Hair

What is your business?

Cora Hair is an independent Hair & Beauty business located in Great Western Arcade, Birmingham city centre. Hair is delivered by my Stylist team with Beauty, nails and anti-wrinkle treatments delivered by three independent businesses operating from Cora Hair premises.

Our aim is to offer an alternative to the big high street franchises. A bespoke salon experience, with contemporary services and products alongside a personal touch offering excellent value for money.

How does your business use digital?

Cora Hair has its own website and social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We can be found on Google+, Yelp and Bing. We use social media to engage our current clients and to attract new clients with the aim of directing them to the website. This is our shop window to the wider community. We also use an online booking platform called shedul, which is accessed by both clients and ourselves.

What advice did you take away from the makeover and how will you implement it in the coming weeks and months?

Website: We received feedback on the client experience of navigating the website. This led to a conversation about improvements to the current website which are simple & inexpensive to implement but will have high impact.  For example, Improved understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works, creating unique material and making the best use of imagery.

Social Media Platforms: We discussed ways of producing video quickly in a format ready to upload to platforms. Suggested programmes included Hyperlapse, Quick by Go Pro and Boomerang and Canva for document design.

How will this advice benefit your business (or how do you hope it will benefit your business)?

Ultimately, we hope to get more clients to the salon, therefore using digital to showcase what we do and generate interest.

All the advice given has been shared with the team. We are familiarising ourselves with the new apps and finding out what works well for us. We want consistency in what we use and present on social media. We are also taking better consideration into account of SEO when we write content.

Where will you go for further digital help and advice?

Will look on do it digital website. We already get alerts from apps and platforms we currently use e.g HootSuite.

Any further comments

We were very impressed with the help and advice on offer. We liked how it was a bespoke service tailored to the business’s needs. Filling in the pre- questionnaire clearly worked. We found it a good use of time and was pleased to be able to share the findings with the whole team. Would definitely recommend the service.