Connect To Peers


Online support pages for building a small business website step-by-step. Everything is covered: building a blog, sending newsletters, setting up an online store and SEO for your site.

The Wix blog has lots of great tips for improving a website – from adapting the design to suit your small business brand, easy tricks to help your website stand out online and new trends in social media to utilise.




The Start Up Toolkit contains lots of information for a start up or established small business – marketing, branding, social media, design – as well as doing finances online and creating a strategy.

The Startacus online community platform also allows a small business to share ideas and news – and enables making connections with new small businesses and people through digital!



Cardiff Collective

Online platform to connect with other small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to share skills.

Create a profile and list your skills – such as SEO, or web design and what skills you would like to gain. You can then search other users and connect to start skill sharing and improving digital confidence! Also a great place to swap and share ideas for your business through one of their events.



Advice on making the most of SEO and blogging. Stevie Phil talks through all the benefits of blogging as a small business – from learning new skills to expanding your networks. He also hosted a really useful webinar for SEMrush on creating a blog strategy. This covers planning a campaign, involving guest blogger, promoting content on social media and scheduling the content.


Social Enterprise Hub

Community for social enterprise small businesses to collaborate, share knowledge & information.

The social enterprise qualification gives access to full online resources and mentoring in many aspects of running a small business. Social Enterprise NI organise events for small businesses to learn about what funding is available to them – including digital training funding.

Their online directory allows a small business to advertise themselves for free, and allows you to see other social enterprise small businesses in your area, to connect with them and grow your community.


Virtuoso Assistant

Virtuoso Assistant provides useful and digestible tips on getting digital marketing savvy as a small business.

The blog covers lots of topics – utilising images to stand out online, to the reasons why any and every small business should be using Twitter. Virtuoso Assistant’s YouTube channel hosts bite-size videos on blogging – from choosing a title to writing great content.



Avocado Social

Avocado Social’s brilliant blog is full of useful articles for developing a small business’ social media.

From writing blog content for a LinkedIn audience, choosing the best Apps to schedule social posts and how to run seasonal competitions for your small business – practical and worthwhile digital tips for small business growth.
Follow them on Facebook for straightforward news and trends about social media!




Pinterest’s online tools and resources help you make the most of their online platform.

There’s lots of information on how to build your brand online through this visual website, connect your website with other social medias, and how to meet more customers with clever tricks and tips. There’s in-depth articles on using Pinterest analytics to learn more about what users are searching for, and how to widen your community.



Hootsuite UK

Hootsuite UK provides free online help to get the most from your time spent on social media. Hootsuite UK’s newsletter has regular tips and articles – from creating content to scheduling it on social media and free video guides to scheduling your small business social media content.



Enterprise Nation

There’s a whole host of ways to gain digital skills in 2016 with Enterprise Nation with blog pages, events, webinars and resources. Make sure to check out ‘Go and Grow’ from Enterprise Nation for events & content to embrace the web & all things digital.


Shake Social

Shake Social is a go-to small business for some top social media marketing tips.

Shake Social offer small businesses social media support, training & management – a great digital support for any and every kind of small business. Follow them on Twitter with @shakesocial for top tips and sign up to their newsletter for brilliant advice on using social media most effectively for your small business.



Twitter UK & I SME

Twitter UK&I SME is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with Twitter and help their businesses grow.

Their blog offers tips on digital marketing, advice on how to utilise Twitter for your small business and you can also view free webinars. Follow them on Twitter with @TwitterUKI_SME for daily tips, links to articles and ideas. Twitter is a great place to learn how to start digital conversations with potential & current clients – so no better place to start their dedicated small business account.

Digital DNA

Conferences and workshops to bring businesses together to discuss all the brilliant of digital!

The Digital DNA Conference in June in Belfast will host speakers and conversations on how current and emerging technologies can impact a small business – with plenty of opportunity for networking with others on the same path.

They also host Digital Tourism: highlighting how important digital technology is to the sustainability and growth of businesses delivering within the tourism and hospitality sector – workshops include social media strategy, SEO and content.


Guardian Small Business Network

The Guardian Small Business Network is an online portal of news, advice and opinion on all things small business.

They offer live Q&As with small business experts, interviews with brilliant small businesses and online articles full of small business advice. Check out their full range of great free tips online via their website and follow them on Twitter to keep up-to-date on all small business news and insight!

Winchester Business Support

Range of networking and information for small businesses or those thinking of starting up. Check out Southern Entrepreneurs, Hampshire School For Social Entrepreneurs, Flourishing Business Network, Enterprise First – all can be found via Winchester City’s website.

On the main Winchester website there’s all free, comprehensive guides to Digital Business Skills and Social Media.


Attica Comms

Social media consultancy with lots of great ideas for a small business to use social media differently. Check out this really easy guide to setting up a Twitter poll – a great way to better know you customers.

How to: Twitter poll


A review site and app that connects people with great local businesses, provides you with a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the Yelp community. Check out their free guide to help you get started: The Secret to Business Success with User Review Sites.

There are lots of great tips available on our Blog for Business Owners and tonnes of resources available in our dedicated Business Owner Support Centre.

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Free Webinars:

Connect to peers

Running a small business can feel sometimes like a solo pursuit, so it is great to check in from time-to-time with other people, both near you and in your industry about the highs and not-so-highs of running a business. Digital skills and tools can help you do this for free and with ease. Collaboration and idea-sharing will also increase the potential of your small business.

RawDigital: Guide to using Twitter hashtag hours

Happus Twitter Q&A

On February 10th 2016 Do It Digital and Happus spoke in a Twitter Q&A about all things digital. Happus are a Caerphilly-based business who are passionate about getting everyone online in an affordable and long term way. Here’s what happened!

Do It Digital: Today in #100daysofdigital we talk to @happus_eu who supply affordable Internet access to 5m people in UK & have a free #digital helpline!

Do It Digital: What are the main benefits for a small biz getting online @happus_eu? #100daysofdigital

Happus: First – connectivity: keep in touch with social media, email, Skype – keep up to date with your networks @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: It also saves money! Access to wider market & reduced bills w/ better deals on energy, phone & broadband @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: There’s lots of help: advice w/ how to manage finances and plenty of sources of funding available online @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Another benefit is saving time – can do many time intensive tasks e.g. tax return or ordering stock online @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Being online helps creativity & community! Ideas for yr small biz & stay up to date on your community news @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Education! Expand your knowledge & skills: take online courses & learn about workshops in your local area @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: What can a small business do if getting online & being digital seems too expensive? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: Broadband & bits of tech you need to be online is affordable! We can advise and help you find what you need @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: There’s many savings online in all aspects of life & business to see returns on any small initial cost @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Energy bills, banking, finance, travel & shopping can all be made cheaper through online deals @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Where can someone go for help for using the internet and getting more digital? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: You can call us on 03300103300 to get through to the free helpline for impartial advice @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Check out @DoItDigitalUK’s #100daysofdigital – sharing 100 places to gain free digital skills as a small business!

Happus: Visit local library – they’ll have information on free courses or events & is a great place to get started @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Why are computer & software updates so important? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: They improve security of your computer & may solve some issues – helps tech & software last longer @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: How can you check if your technology is protected against viruses? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: First – install, update and use anti-virus software and use this to run scans once a month @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Keep your computer updated as well as your internet browser – such as chrome, firefox or internet explorer @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: If you think you have a virus, call us and we can talk through the steps to hopefully fix it – 03300103300 @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Big thank you to Happus for answering some #digital Questions today for the #100daysofdigital – send your Questions in with #100daysofdigital! For more information call Happus on 03300103300