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Dot UK

The .uk domain provides UK businesses with their own unique domain – UK values with a global reach. Dot UK provides useful, free resources for small businesses looking to get online and do more online. Check out the FSB Guide To Growing Your Business Online, Get Your Business Online For Dummies and 50 Top Tips To Building A Winning Website


Online directory of free courses and workshops near you to help gain digital confidence and understanding. There’s plenty of advice via the Small Business Solutions page on their website – tips for writing better copy and content that will encourage to keep coming back to your website.

The Jargon Buster is a great place to start if you are looking to get more comfortable with digital terminology.


Jargon Buster


Online support pages for building a small business website step-by-step. Everything is covered: building a blog, sending newsletters, setting up an online store and SEO for your site.

The Wix blog has lots of great tips for improving a website – from adapting the design to suit your small business brand, easy tricks to help your website stand out online and new trends in social media to utilize.



Digital Communities Wales

Dozens of free online guides to a variety of digital skills – from using email, social media and websites to tips to staying safe online. Easy ways to improve digital confidence and help your small business get more digital. They also host free workshops to get hands-on experience in social media, google tools and more.



Business Wales

Free online resources covering all things IT or digital that a small business would need to get started online. Guides include building & designing a website, selling online, getting the most from being online, ensuring safety when online and using online communications such as email.

The blog also covers news and trends in the digital world to keep abreast of any changes and how they may affect your small business.



Superfast Essex

Range of online tools to help improve digital tools and confidence. There’s a choice of free workshops for a small business, such as how to stay ahead of your competitors online, and a Digital Healthcheck tool to know how to help you better with digital.


Company Address

Free online advice, guides and blogs for a new small business setting up. The blog gives tips on choosing a name for a small business and how to register as a LTD company. The guides talk through filling in Companies House and HMRC forms to set up a new small business – really useful skills that can be learnt at your own pace online.


Guides to HMRC forms

Small business guides

Southern Entrepreneurs

Community of networking, events and advice to help more small businesses get more digital. They host free networking events to meet other small businesses and learn about using digital such as video – why it’s worth it and how to go about it.

The Southern Entrepreneurs Digital training programme is designed to help small businesses develop their knowledge of the internet, social media and benefits of getting their business online.


Microsoft Small Business Online Platform

Microsoft Small Business online platform is full of articles, podcasts and videos to help a small business to flourish and stay safe online.

Listen to podcasts on getting started with social media, or read articles on choosing the right software to suit your small business. The online #ModernBiz webinar video series features advice on upgrading software and connecting with customers online.




O2 Gurus

O2 uk’s Gurus offer free advice on technology for small businesses. Pop in to an O2 store and speak to someone, request a call back or chat online to an advisor. They can help with new technology such as setting up a new tablet, or can discuss which Apps will best suit your small business needs.

O2 also have lots of online tools such as Social Insights where you can monitor and track your small business social media – a really useful digital skill to help your business grow. See more about Social Insights via the link below.

Social Insights…/business-solutions/o2-social-insights


Digital Business Academy UK

Digital Business Academy UK is a website with 11 free online courses to help a small business become more digital. From understanding digital marketing to running a campaign via digital marketing channels – there’s a range of brilliant courses to help grow your small business. Each course takes about 5 hours to complete and you can learn at your own pace.
The Digital Business Academy blog contains lots of useful information and ‘free printables’ – the workbooks will help with creating structure and timetabling for a small business social media and it’s a great place to start!



Kyle Gawley

Kyle Gawley is an entrepreneur and founder of Get Invited.

Kyle’s blog has a brilliant article on inspiration on how and why to get started on your own small business using the power of digital – tips such as making the transition to start-up using online communities such as Meetup to build networks and learn skills.

On Get Invited’s blog there’s many great articles on a range topics to help your small business – including a really straightforward article to using social media. Take a look and see if any of the tips would be useful for your small business.

Get Invited Blog


Digital Durham

Digital Durham is a programme to transform broadband for County Durham, Gateshead, Sunderland and Tees Valley & lots of online digital skills help.

Sign up for one of the free workshops on running a webinar to grow your business, building a website and managing a business from a smart phone – very useful digital skills if you’re starting a business! For free registration click the link below.

There’s also a page on the website dedicated to support for businesses – with tips on using Twitter, Facebook and online marketing – all for free!




Digital Unite

Digital Unite is a website offering free technology guides, a network of computer tutors, courses and an online community.

Take a look at some of the brilliant free technology guides covering online banking, social media, internet security and many more. The online community on the Digital Unite website is a great place to gain more digital skills and share advice with other small businesses.


GoDaddy is an online platform where you can register and buy a domain name for your small business and build your website. Their online “Garage” portal offers dozens of useful articles on all things digital – such as using Google Analytics on your site and using social media to drive customers to your website. Their YouTube channel is also packed with videos that explain digital technical terms and show to set up your website in easy, short videos.



Smart Little Web

Smart Little Web is a small business offering “Inspiration for all online super heroes”!

Smart Little Web have a fantastic blog page where you can learn how to create, build and grow an effective website – with small business-specific tips such as writing an ‘about us’, thinking about your audience and choosing the right visual content. Click here to visit the blog.

The Virgin Media Business Big Digital Skills Hub

The Virgin Media Business Big Digital Skills Hub offers five free modules of digital skills in the Virgin Media Business learning toolkit, designed to help small businesses make the most of the internet. The modules cover social media, creating an online presence and producing great content – all for free!

Visit their website

Google UK

Google’s Digital Garage offers free tutorials to help you and your small business grow and succeed. Topics range from social media to analytics, email to e-commerce plus many more!

With their website you can watch video tutorials or you can go and speak to someone at one of their Digital Garages to receive mentoring to learn more great digital skills.

NI Business Info

Easy-to-follow articles and step-by-step guides to getting and benefiting from online. Information covers using email, why a website is so important, the basics of e-commerce and much more. Take a look at the videos which explain more about what you need to make sure is covered when selling online – from taxes to data security.




Caerphilly-based Happus supply affordable hardware & Internet access to 5 million people in UK and are passionate about getting everyone in the UK online in an affordable and long term way. You can email [email protected] for further information.

Digital Scotland: Let’s get online

Let’s Get Online programme: online directory shows the learning opportunities near you for gaining more digital knowledge – from IT skills, computer clubs and Digital Skills Academies.

There’s advice on the benefits to a small business for being online and how to go about it. The online Jargon Buster helps you to gain confidence with being online and the useful terminology needed.

Learning Directory


Jargon Buster

Digital Fife

There’s a host of free online courses for learning more about digital – from using GoogleMail, downloading new software or getting started with online banking for your small business.

The how-to guides offer a great starting point for new digital skills – such as Skype, online security or social media.


How to guide

Winchester Business Support

Range of networking and information for small businesses or those thinking of starting up. Check out Southern Entrepreneurs, Hampshire School For Social Entrepreneurs, Flourishing Business Network, Enterprise First – all can be found via Winchester City’s website.

On the main Winchester website there’s all free, comprehensive guides to Digital Business Skills and Social Media.


Wildflowers & Pixels

Tools and advice for small businesses looking to get or improve their website, online branding and social media. Check out the blog for tips on setting up a website on a tight budget, the best 20 tools & resources for a small business to run a website and social media. There’s also a FREE Build A Better Website 4-week series to download – crammed full of ways to make your digital presence shine even more.

Free website course

Website on a tight budget blog

Learn My Way

UK online centres & Tinder Foundation’s Learn My Way platform: full of guides and step-by-step courses to learning the very basics of computer and digital – using the internet and email. There’s also really helpful guides to online banking and social media – ideal if you’re a small business (or you know a small business) getting started with digital.

There’s also an application for becoming a Digital Champion if you want to learn how to support others getting online.


Go Daddy

Resources for small businesses looking to take their business digital: video guides to pretty much everything you might want to do digitally: from email marketing, jargon busting guides to common digital words such as ‘hosting’ and ’email client’, website building, transferring a domain name and much more. A great resource for any small business wanting to teach themselves more about digital and transfer the skills to their business.



Start Online

It’s great to have you here on the Do It Digital website – helping small businesses get more ‘digital’ and strengthen their business.

The word ‘digital’ means many things to different people. What is meant by ‘Digital’ on this website is simple: using computer and online technology. This could be using an online inventory system for your stock, online banking services, social media such as Facebook, using search engines like Google, running your own website or watching videos on YouTube. And this is just the surface!

Being digital enhances and strengthens a small business, and the affects just keep getting better! Learning the basics will give a small business the tools and confidence to access even more online help, advice and inspiration for all aspects of running a business.

We’ve made a short checklist of great ways to get started with digital:

1. Set up an email account

2. Try using Google (a search engine) for some businesses similar to yours

3. Use your email to set up an account on Twitter

4. Use your email to set up an account on Twitter

5. “Follow” friends, colleagues and other small businesses on Twitter

6. Send your first Tweet

7. Find your community online

Happus Twitter Q&A

On February 10th 2016 Do It Digital and Happus spoke in a Twitter Q&A about all things digital. Happus are a Caerphilly-based business who are passionate about getting everyone online in an affordable and long term way. Here’s what happened!

Do It Digital: Today in #100daysofdigital we talk to @happus_eu who supply affordable Internet access to 5m people in UK & have a free #digital helpline!

Do It Digital: What are the main benefits for a small biz getting online @happus_eu? #100daysofdigital

Happus: First – connectivity: keep in touch with social media, email, Skype – keep up to date with your networks @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: It also saves money! Access to wider market & reduced bills w/ better deals on energy, phone & broadband @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: There’s lots of help: advice w/ how to manage finances and plenty of sources of funding available online @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Another benefit is saving time – can do many time intensive tasks e.g. tax return or ordering stock online @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Being online helps creativity & community! Ideas for yr small biz & stay up to date on your community news @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Education! Expand your knowledge & skills: take online courses & learn about workshops in your local area @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: What can a small business do if getting online & being digital seems too expensive? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: Broadband & bits of tech you need to be online is affordable! We can advise and help you find what you need @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: There’s many savings online in all aspects of life & business to see returns on any small initial cost @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Energy bills, banking, finance, travel & shopping can all be made cheaper through online deals @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Where can someone go for help for using the internet and getting more digital? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: You can call us on 03300103300 to get through to the free helpline for impartial advice @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Check out @DoItDigitalUK’s #100daysofdigital – sharing 100 places to gain free digital skills as a small business!

Happus: Visit local library – they’ll have information on free courses or events & is a great place to get started @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Why are computer & software updates so important? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: They improve security of your computer & may solve some issues – helps tech & software last longer @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: How can you check if your technology is protected against viruses? @happus_eu #100daysofdigital

Happus: First – install, update and use anti-virus software and use this to run scans once a month @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: Keep your computer updated as well as your internet browser – such as chrome, firefox or internet explorer @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Happus: If you think you have a virus, call us and we can talk through the steps to hopefully fix it – 03300103300 @DoItDigitalUK #100daysofdigital

Do It Digital: Big thank you to Happus for answering some #digital Questions today for the #100daysofdigital – send your Questions in with #100daysofdigital! For more information call Happus on 03300103300