How hashtags can help your small business

It’s no secret I love #hashtags!

We all know they’re great fun but did you know you can use them to rapidly increase your following and your business reach?

Personal Trending

I don’t jump onto whatever is trending to try and increase my engagement. Personally I think unless you are genuinely interested in the topic then don’t just tweet what’s popular. However, did you know the trends are set to be ‘tailored to you’. It shows what is trending generally but it also shows you what is trending with those you follow – this is a great way with connecting with your audience.

Specific to your niche

What hashtags really speak to your business or blog? What do others in the same niche use? I have five that I use regularly that are used by others in my sector. This is a great way of making connections and connecting with new and different people. Not sure if what you have in mind is a popular hashtag? Just start typing it into the search bar and see what comes up – it will give you suggestions.

Don’t forget to look at hashtag hours (see Go local below for more of this). For instance #CraftHour is a hashtag used on a specific day and certain time. Be specific about your hashtag focus. You can also connect with other country’s hashtag hours, just check your time difference.

The daily tags

Daily tags are a great way of making connections with people you wouldn’t usually come across and they’re usually general enough that everyone can get involved. I love #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom and I try to use them to encourage my Twitter contacts.

Make a note of what national and international days are coming up. They can be fun, emotive, serious and at times they can fit in with your industry. It can also be helpful for blog posts if there is day coming up that ties in.

Go local

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